Forest of Stars was established in 2012 as a space to honour childhood, to welcome children to come as they are, and to just be. 


Our Reggio-inspired preschool programme

began in 2017.


It is our belief that children are strong and competent citizens with rights, and that they co-construct knowledge about their worlds through their natural curiosities and wonder. We strive to provide a safe, stimulating space for children to encounter a rich variety of materials, concepts and ideas. Learning is authentic, meaningful and not compartmentalised. Children are encouraged to express themselves in a multitude of symbolic languages, and to interweave imagination and rationality as they are empowered to contribute to shared knowledge, to imagine new realities, and to be change-makers.

“Our preschool programme began with the dream of a space. A safe space for children to just be. To come as they are and not to fit into a mould. A space where children are heard and seen and not just taught. A space where all kinds of ‘intelligences’ are valued and learners walk the path of self-belief and self-efficacy. A space where learning is fluid and not confined to a piece of paper. A space where experiences count so much more than checkboxes. A space where paint and crayons are valued as highly as numbers and letters. A space where children

learn that learning comes from within and that they each have their own mind- unique and beautiful.”


-Jessica Lam

Principal and Pedagogical Coordinator